About Weaver Soul

"Weaver Soul is a clothing brand, which fuses contemporary styles with handloom weaves to create everyday outfits. We are driven by our vision to disrupt the supply demand curve in the handmade industry to revive an otherwise diminishing form of art. Each of our exclusive creations is individually designed and crafted by our skilful artisans and is a sheer reflection of the rich cultural heritage that has faithfully been passed from several generations. We at Weaver Soul, work towards producing innovative and creative designs, coupling them with our unique weaving styles, patterns and motifs in order to cater to the ever changing tastes, likes and sensibilities of the present contemporary generation"

Celebrity Samrat Reddy Wearing "Weaver Soul" Kurta In BIG BOSS 2 TELUGU

Samrat Reddy wearing Ikat Shirt in BIG BOSS 2 TELUGU

Celebrity Samrat Reddy in Black Ikat Shirt

The Denim Dress

The Ikat Skirt

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